Outsourcing Your Employment and Income Verification Services

Outsourcing Your Employment and Income Verification Services

Written by: inverify@dmin on HR Operations & Analytics,Employment & Income Verifications,Data Privacy & Security

The role of HR in today’s workforce has not just become increasingly important, but is drastically changing due to:

  • The evolving role of technology to support critical job functions
  • New employment regulations and policy governance
  • The need for HR to manage company culture and employee engagement

With this increase in responsibility, the extra time it takes to verify income and employment information can be monumental for increasingly over-taxed human resource departments. Additionally, it poses potential opportunities for missteps that could have costly ramifications.

A Change in Service

InVerify’s Employment and Income Verification Technology enables HR teams to focus on their most valuable resource — employees — while maximizing productivity and creating a more secure, accurate and streamlined approach to providing the right information to the right people at the right time. No more clumsily managed verifications. All verifications are managed professionally, meet industry standard regulatory compliance, and result in a high-level of customer service.

Take your Verifications from Agnostic to Employee-Centric

InVerify offers an online application and processing center that provides HR professionals with fast, easy access to the appropriate information and removes any guess-work and potential risk. The bonus? Today’s corporate HR culture demands employee self-service options for enhanced employee experiences. The InVerify platform offers full self-service capability, empowering employees with the ability to see who has run verifications on their data, to visualize what a personal report looks like, and maintain full control of who has access to their information — leaving HR professionals to better manage the most important element in the life of an HR professional — the employees.

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